Home Automation System - Configuring the SONOFF with Tasmota Firmware [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

I'm ready to test TASMOTA firmware, just uploaded on my SONOFF POW.

You can find the upload procedure in my last post (http://domoticsduino.blogspot.it/2017/07/home-automation-system-first-sonoff.html). It was fine...From now on we couldn't restore the original firmware and we couldn't use the EWeLink App anymore

Hoping that the SONOFF will power up :)

Now, I will plug all the things together...paying attention to the Main Power

I use the following diagram (thanks to the official site...):

To perform the first test, I used a plug connected to the INPUT terminals of the SONOFF (L = Line, N = Neutral, E = Earth). Then I took an old lamp holder, connected to the OUTPUT terminals. Last thing to do...find a load...here is it...an old 100W bulb.

I connected the plug and the SONOFF powered up. The blue led flashed a couple of times and then shut off.

The first thing to do is configure the WIFI connection; there are two ways to do this task: the one I followed is performed using the web console; the second one is performed writing the WIFI SSID and PASSWORD on a config file, prior to compile and upload the firmware (here you can find more detail https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Upload#preliminary-configuration)

So, I use the capabilities of the push button to transform the SONOFF into an Access Point and access it through the web console

Following this guide

I discover how to use the button. In particular, the "4 short presses" procedure permits me to activate the access point and the integrated web server, so it becomes reachable and configurable.

Then I push the button 4 times and a new Wifi connection brings on...SONOFF XXXX...I join this network using a PC and browse on a browser. The configuration panel is in front of my eyes

I typed the WiFi details, named the device, saved and restart.

After a couple of seconds, the SONOFF joined my home WIFI network and takes a DHCP assigned local IP.

Through this IP, I could get the configuration panel again.

Here is it:

Clicking on Toggle SWITCH the bulb lights up...the web page display the current power consumption...another click and the bulb turns off. The device is working as expected...thanks god :)

Reading the TASMOTA docs, I found a procedure to calibrate it.

See https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Sonoff-Pow#calibration

In the next step I'll try the MQTT protocol.

Stay tuned