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My job, my first passion

What I do

I am a big fan of IT and technology and currently I'm working as a Freelance Computer Engineer and my main activities are IT consultant and software developer.
My luck was to be able to start working as far back as 1998, during my college time; this allowed me to gain the necessary experience to be able to face the job market with the right determination after graduation.

My main job is about analysis, design and development of business software systems and databases. I mainly work alone and I take care of all the design steps, from the requirements to the analysis of the processes, from the choice of the architecture and technology up to the software design and the creation of the database, from the server management up to the use of bug tracking and version management software. I worked and still work for both large companies and small customers, dedicating time, passion and professionality in the same way. If necessary, I join existing teams or use trusted collaborators.
In recent years I was involved in technical training as an authorized Oracle teacher, providing OOP theory, Java programming and SQL language courses.

To go deeper in my job experience and technical skills, you can consult my LinkedIn profile.

Currently used technologies

List of the main technologies that I am currently using for the projects I have in charge right now.


My school experience

I am a Computer Engineer, graduated in September 2003 at the Polytechnic of Turin.
I remember the summer of 2003 as one of the hottest in Turin; having to finish my thesis for the September graduation session, obviously I skipped the holidays, apart from a very short break of a few days for a wedding in Calabria. Fortunately, the topic of the thesis was very interesting for me and therefore I managed to overcome, not without difficulties, a very hot period.
The thesis, which I wrote down with teacher Giuseppe Menga and a Brazilian collaborator, was about the movement of a robot on wheels.
To keep simple: I wrote a software in Java that allowed the robot to move independently to reach a point defined by a pair of coordinates in a space originating at the starting point of the robot itself. The robot was equipped with proximity sensors that allowed it to react to any obstacles on the way to the destination.
About a year after my thesis, I then decided to try and (fortunately) pass the last exam to get the professional qualification.

With this last chapter my school career terminated, which started with the scientific high school diploma achieved in 1995.