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Home Automation System - New items arrived...


During my configuration test, other "toys" arrived...

5 SONOFF Basic + a New Entry: 1 SONOFF Dual

The SONOFF DUAL is simply a double SONOFF basic: in fact it has two independent relays.

Here are my new toys, already labelled:

As usual, the first thing to do is test them with EWeLink, without open the case
The schematic is similar to the one of SONOFF POW; the terminal link are all on the same side 

There is no earth connection, but 3 pair of Phase / Neutral link, 1 for the INPUT Voltage and 2 for the OUTPUT.

Here is the activation procedure for my new SONOFF DUAL with EWeLink

Home Automation System - SONOFF Tasmota firmware upgrade using OTA


It's been a while since the first TASMOTA firmware upload and several updates have already come out.

Let's see the TASMOTA releases page


You can see that the latest version is 5.6.1 and I uploaded on my SONOFF 5.3.0 version, as you can see on the "information" page on the web console of the SONOFF

So, it's time to perform an upgrade.

Don't worry, I don't need to open,it, unplug from the main power, solder serial contacts and connect it to the PC...after the first installation of TASMOTA, I'm able to upgrade the firmware on the fly, using OTA (Over The Air)procedure; I have to tell it where it can download the new firmware and the game is over. Very comfortable functionality!!!

So, I followed the official wiki:


I chose the automatic download choice, so I have no need to download the new firmware and upload it to the device. I must only put the firmware url in a property of the SONOFF and start upgrade it. All these operations can be done directly from the console or through MQTT messages.

There is only one thing to check: the firmware size, because you can go out of memory if it's too big. There is a workaround for this: you can upload a minimal firmware and then the complete one.

Just a couple of notes:

- sometimes this procedure can go wrong...it seems that on some TASMOTA versions there is a bug with OTA (but I'm not sure about this). I tried 3 times to get it works.

- after upgrade SONOFF, it reboots with "access point" mode (I don't know if this is right or wrong...) and so I linked my PC to its wifi network, go into the web console (url and just reboot it again

A special note here: subscribing to the topic sonoff-version on a public MQTT broker sonoff.maddox.co.uk:1883 you can get a message with the TASMOTA latest version (thanks to  @smadds)

Here is it, using mqtt-spy

Here is a video about my upgrade procedure:

Home Automation System - MQTT and RF433 to monitor photovoltaic production


Now I will try to integrate my RF433 Wireless Receiver (built on Arduino with Ethernet Shield) with MQTT, just to acquire my photovoltaic production data in my future Home Automation System

I don't write nothing more about my acquisition system; this is my old post about that:


Now I would like to transmit data to my MQTT broker, for the future integration with OpenHAB

So, I have to edit the code of the Arduino sketch and let it to publish messages to the MQTT broker. In this time, the receiver publishes data to a HTTP REST Web Service

Well, using Arduino IDE (the same thing used for the SONOFF firmware upload), I open the sketch and edit the code.

I omit the technical details about the code because it's not the purpose of this post, but if you are interested in it, write me an email; I will be happy to share my code with you.

I chose the following MQTT topic:


I followed the same naming convention as the SONOFF :

[device]/[zone]/[type]/[data id]/state

The content of the message is simply the value of the production in Watt.

Here are the published messages, through mqtt-spy:

And here is the receiver:

Currently it's "mute", but the next step would be adding a led to monitor its status and eventually some environmental sensor...

Stay tuned...