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My Flight Simulator

A bit of history

...it was January 2012

After many years playing microsoft flight simulator using keyboard and mouse (not real at all ...), I decided to make my hobby as real as possible.

Browsing the internet to find useful information for my target, I found many websites, images and videos regarding the construction of the so-called Home Cocpkit. In particular, I found the Learjet 45 Chimera website by Dave Ault (site no longer active...); this was very helpful to make me seriously start my small and ambitious project.

I was never alone in this adventure... my dear friend Piero helped me a lot, especially regarding to the electrical part.

So, this was never "MY project", but rather "OUR project"...

I really hope that sooner or later we will be able to get to the end ...

The idea

What is an Home Cockpit?

Maybe for many people it's no so important, but for those who, like me, have a passion for flying and have to fall back on the simulated one, the home cockpit is a "thing" through which the simulation can become "almost" real.

On youtube you can find numerous examples of people who, like me, tried and succeeded (not like me, currently ...) in the home cockpit building.

This gave me power to try it

On my blog you can find all the storyboard...from design to real building.

Current situation

We're on a...forced break

At the moment, as you can easily guess from the blog, the project is paused. We had arrived at a fully functional prototype and we were also able to make full flights (even online on IVAO) - see /en/blog/1/learjet-45-home-cockpit/post//2014/03/simulation-of-real-flight.html and /en/blog/2/learjet-45-home-cockpit/post/2013/05/ivao-stress-test-event-out-test-flight.html.

Of course, as a hobby, it is subject to the available free time and for some years, thanks to a whole series of events related to my private life, the project has stopped...

The desire to start over is so great...especially with the advent of the new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We hope to be able to fly in virtual skies again, dreaming up about being a real pilot.