Master Caution Warning and Main Power [Versione in italiano]

by Marco

First 2014 update...a little step toward the final target.

Today I wrote some SIOC code (which is my "standard" job) for Opencockpits Card to manage the Master Caution Warning indicator. There is no FSUIPC offset for it and so I implemented it with some SIOC code.

The Master Caution Warning, in my simple idea, is a visual and audio indicator to notify pilots about warnings (for example, low fuel, low oil pressure, door opened, etc etc); these warnings are reported in details on CWP, into the Glass Cockpit; instead, this led notifies pilots about the presence of these warnings

Using the source code of Dave Ault's CWP module, I identified the different cases which led to these warnings: so, I implemented these cases in SIOC code, using the FSUIPC offset. Because of I like to develop, I managed to get the led blinking and to play an audio file; indeed, I noticed that SIOC is able to play sounds.

Then, pushing the relative button, the indicator stops and will fire up again only when a new event there will be.

At last, I managed to get that leds light up only if battery power is on; otherwise all will be Cold & Dark

Here is a video about my tests: