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LOGITECH (ex SAITEK) commercial instruments [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

Let's start with something simple: let's talk about the LOGITECH (ex SAITEK) panels and instruments that make up part of my simulator.

I currently own:


Used for complete management of autopilot, flaps and pitch trim


Used for the management of COM radio, NAV, ADF, DME and Transponder


Used for electric management, engines, lights and landing gear management


Steering wheel used as main control and the three throttle levers used for throttle, fuel flow and spoiler.

All aircraft control axes are handled by FSUIPC and not by the default Flight Simulator system, because FSUIPC allows me better control and calibration.

Also the three controls of the throttle levers (engine, fuel flow and spoiler) are managed, as analog axes, by FSUIPC. In particular, the throttle also manages the reverse, while the spoiler control allows, based on the lever position, to assign one of the three values managed by Flight Simulator (ARMED, EXTENDED, RETRACTED)

The buttons on the flyer have been combined with some simulator functions, such as view management and zoom; the bindings aren't final yet, because I'm trying various combinations.

At the moment I'm not using the buttons on the throttle quadrant yet.


Used as rudder pedals and brakes. Also in this case the analog rudder and brake axes are managed and calibrated by FSUIPC.

They're all USB devices, so setup is relatively simple.

The three panels (Multi, Radio, Switch) are managed by a custom software called SPAD, which, at the time of my discovery, was free software (now it has become SPAD.next and is commercial https://www.spadnext.com)

This software allows you to configure and customize the various panels in an advanced way, in order to add new functions to them.

The three panels are placed into the main panel, upper part.

While the throttle levers in the center pedestal