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Simulation of a real flight [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

In February, I made a business trip in Naples, of course by plane :)

In a rainy Saturday, I decided to simulated my trip to Naples, in my Learjet 45.

So, I planned a Torino Caselle - Napoli Capodichino flight.

This is the flight plan:


I flew OFFLINE, so no IVAO ATC...

It was raining...and it will be raining during the entire flight...

Takeoff from runway 36...

...and, through the Initial Climb Procedure, I reached VOR TOP

Then I decided to use the LAGEN 7L SID, which took me from VOR TOP to FIX LAGEN, the initial fix of my route towards LIRN

Inbound Elba Island

and then straight towards PONZA, the initial approach fix.

My final runway was 24...The STAR begins over PNZ and ends over POMIGLIANO VOR.

Over POM VOR, I began the ILS-Z procedure towards runway 24...

Hard landing, but I'm still alive :)

I will come back to Turin soon...

Here is the video:

Dedicated to my traveling friends, Silvio and Claudio, that like my hobby so much :)