Home Automation System - OpenHAB 3 - 29. InfluxDB metadata - table name and attributes [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

Twenty-ninth chapter related to OpenHAB 3.

In this video we continue the small in-depth study on influxdb used as the persistence engine of openhab3 and let's see how to customize the name of the target tables of the data of the individual items to be able to aggregate them in the same table.

By default openhab writes data of each item in different tables, called by the name of the item itself. For those who have many items this leads to a proliferation of tables, making the management of the entire database a little messy. Using the metadata of openhab3 it is possible to decide to write data of the items in a very specific table that can then receive data from different items; in addition, it is possible to "decorate" the inserted record with further attributes that characterize it, which can then be used as filters in queries.

This certainly makes the database more readable and above all makes it easier to find information.

This video does not pretend to be a tutorial. The hope is that it will help someone.

Enjoy your viewing

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