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My first project - data acquisition system

by Marco Lamanna

I started design my first data-acquisition system with Raspberry PI and Arduino. The idea is to have a sensors network which send data to a receiver which, through ethernet, send these data to WEB/APP server.

The main components are:

- one or more sensors
- a receiver
- a DB Server for storage purpouse
- a WEB/APP server to acquire data and let remote user monitoring the system

Here is the design:

More details:


They can send data in different ways:

- wireless RF-433 towards receiver
- ethernet towards receiver
- USB directly towards server

They can be Arduino board or Raspberry PI or others...
Depending on the type of communication, there can be other interface boards or control led...


It receives data via wireless RF-433 or via Ethernet
Through ethernet, it transmits data to WEB/APP server, for storage and monitoring purpose

It's built over an Arduino boards with Ethernet Shield and wireless RF-433 receiver. There are also control led.


It receives data from receiver through ethernet or from sensor directly connected on its USB port
It stores data on DB server
It runs a web application for remote monitoring

The WEP/APP server software is the world famous Apache HTTPD, installed on Raspberry, running Fedora linux distro.

The monitoring web application is written in PHP / HTML5 using Bootstrap framework, which make it responsive.


It stores data received from WEB/APP server.

The RDBMS is Mysql Community Edition installed on the same Raspberry of WEB/APP server