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Home Automation System - MQTT and RF433 to monitor photovoltaic production

by Marco Lamanna

Now I will try to integrate my RF433 Wireless Receiver (built on Arduino with Ethernet Shield) with MQTT, just to acquire my photovoltaic production data in my future Home Automation System

I don't write nothing more about my acquisition system; this is my old post about that:


Now I would like to transmit data to my MQTT broker, for the future integration with OpenHAB

So, I have to edit the code of the Arduino sketch and let it to publish messages to the MQTT broker. In this time, the receiver publishes data to a HTTP REST Web Service

Well, using Arduino IDE (the same thing used for the SONOFF firmware upload), I open the sketch and edit the code.

I omit the technical details about the code because it's not the purpose of this post, but if you are interested in it, write me an email; I will be happy to share my code with you.

I chose the following MQTT topic:


I followed the same naming convention as the SONOFF :

[device]/[zone]/[type]/[data id]/state

The content of the message is simply the value of the production in Watt.

Here are the published messages, through mqtt-spy:

And here is the receiver:

Currently it's "mute", but the next step would be adding a led to monitor its status and eventually some environmental sensor...

Stay tuned...