Home Automation System - OpenHAB 3 Migration - 34. Energy consumption ALARM and MONITOR [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

Thirty-fourth chapter related to my OpenHAB 2.5 to OpenHAB 3 migration.

Let's go ahead with consumption monitoring and, after configuring things / channels / equipments / points on Openhab to collect energy data, in this video we are going to create a monitoring and notification alarm system for instant consumption to be notified when these exceed a predetermined threshold.

As in the case of the GAS alarm, this system is made up of items and rules and can be activated / deactivated and configured via the app. It will send push notifications on smartphones and also a sound notification on google home.

This video does not presume to be a tutorial, but simply a step by step of what has been done to achieve the goal. I hope that it will help someone.

Enjoy your viewing

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