Home Automation System - OpenHAB 3 Migration - 41. Grafana Dashboards [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

Forty-first chapter related to my OpenHAB 2.5 to OpenHAB 3 migration.

Let's begin the configuration of secondary services for OPENHAB 3, using the old raspberry pi 3, which was left unused after the migration to the new raspberry pi 4.

Let's start by creating a first dashboard on Grafana, running as a docker container, displaying the environment data (temperature, humidity, etc etc) read by influxdb installed on the raspberry pi 4, again as a docker container.

In particular, let's see how to make the most of the persistence structure of openhab by creating multi-item tables compared to the default that instead creates a table for each item.

This video does not presume to be a tutorial, but simply a step by step of what has been done to achieve the goal. I hope that it will help someone.

Enjoy your viewing

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