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Arduino Low Cost Wireless Link

by Marco Lamanna

It's been a while since my last post...but my job kept me busy and I was not able to continue with my experiments with Arduino e Raspberry.

But in the last few weeks I was able to get back to Arduino

If you remember, some month ago I bought two wireless RF-433 modules (transmitter and receiver)

So, I made some experiment, linking two Arduino boards, using RadioHead libraries.

Then I built a little home-made antenna over both modules...and I used a 12V adapter on the trasmitter, in order to get the best range.

This is the receiver:

...and this is the trasmitter:

My test was very simple...I tried to send some text string from one Arduino to the other...the receiver was connected to the PC just to verify through serial port console the received messages.

Test was OK...it's time to build something useful...