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Data acquisition - Let's take a look...

by Marco Lamanna
Finally I'm ready to show acquired data on the web.

I developed a small PHP web application which shows data and charts through the browser.

Some details:

- PHP 5 programming language and HTML5 rendering
- MARIADB database engine (the independent version of MYSQL, bought by Oracle)
- Frontend developed with Bootstrap v.3 framework
- Google Charts library for charts
jQuery e jQuery-UI Javascript libraries

The User Interface is very simple; it aims to let me verify that all the systems are running fine.

I developed a simple homepage which shows a couple of charts for:

- daily photovoltaic production (link)
- last minutes of Methane Gas detection with a link to a page which shows daily data (link)

From the first chart you can see a strange thing...during the night it seems that photovoltaic production is positive...(impossible, isn't it?). It is due to the reactive power caused by capacitors in the inverter.

(today was a good day...we got 2Kwp)

Under every chart you can also see the last detected data.

On this page there is an auto refresh function which lets you see the real time data.

Then I also developed a login page for future functionalities.

This web application is running on the Raspberry PI, where Apache 2 is installed.
I used a Dynamic DNS service to let this web application be on internet, through a NAT managed by my home router.

I used NO-IP service, which gives me 3 free domains. There is also a linux client application which keeps DNS updated every time my public IP will change.