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Home Automation System - OpenHAB 3 - 09. Semantic Model Part 1 [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

New year, new post. First part of the ninth chapter related to OpenHAB v. 3

In this video I will show you an example of semantic modeling for the management of Locations, Equipment and Points which are basically all items with particular characteristics. Locations and Equipments are group-type items, therefore containers of other groups or items, with particular tags that allow openhab to automatically understand what they represent. The Locations allow us to model our home from a physical Point of view, defining areas, floors and rooms; Equipments instead model the physical devices present in our system, such as a thermostat, an appliance, etc etc. The Points, on the other hand, are the real items that have their own state (for example temperature and / or humidity values) and can become interactive (for example switches) and are the leaf of our hierarchical modeling tree.

Obviously what I am showing you is the result of what I was able to understand by reading the documentation and experimenting and it is not certain that it is completely correct. As always, I invite you to consult the documentation and the official forum for clarification

This video does not pretend to be a tutorial. The hope is that it will help someone.

Enjoy your viewing

[Open on YOUTUBE]