Home Automation System - OpenHAB 3 - 02. MQTT Test Part 2 [Versione in italiano]

by Marco Lamanna

Second part of the MQTT test performed on a clean installation of OpenHAB v. 3 (link to the first part /en/blog/1/iot-smarthome/post/2020/12/home-automation-system-openhab3-mqtt-test-part1.html).

Following the integration of a light via MQTT, now it's up to a temperature sensor.

In this video I will configure a temperature sensor (the simple DHT11) connected to the well-known "tasmotized" SONOFF; integration will take place as usual through MQTT.

The sensor is the same used in my current installation of OpenHAB v. 2 and measure the temperature of my studio.

This video does not pretend to be a tutorial. The hope is that it will help someone.

Enjoy your viewing